My Passion For Africa

I would like to share a love story with you. Fifty years ago, I fell in love with journalism and Africa. After graduating from university in Paris, I spent three months traveling in Africa, the continent of my birth, and I have never stopped since. I am still as much in love today with my profession and Africa as I was 50 years ago. The flame may even be brighter.

I wanted to give the continent the high quality publications it deserves. I wanted to publish pan-African magazines which could compare with the best in the world. Later, we naturally expanded into other fields in media and communication, putting our expertise and know-how at the service of our long term partners. And today we organize conferences and events to give a high profile to Africa’s major players in business and government.

We want to portray the new image of Africa. We are now one billion people. The new generations are changing the face of the continent. They went to the best universities, are bright, successful and can compete with the best in the world. They are making a huge contribution to the development of our countries.

It is up to us all, each and every one of us to improve the image of the continent. We want to promote our culture and our civilization, to defend the legitimate interests and rights of all Africans and to continue always our quest for more unity, freedom and democracy. All of us have a responsibility to act now and make a differencce. We need to make the voice of Africa heard loud and clear.

Afif Ben Yedder