Our People

The group is diverse in its make-up in terms of nationalities and also areas of expertise.

Some 15 nationalities are represented throughout the Group, with staff speaking as their mother tongue the 5 official languages of the African Union. We pride ourselves in being purely pan-African in our outlook and global in our reach.

Our team is dynamic, agile and with a proven track record in delivering outstanding solutions with a results-driven approach, often under impossible deadlines.

We are an ideas and solutions based business. As a result, we will continue to invest in our most valuable resource, our employees. We continuously attract the best editorial, analytical and marketing minds and our continued success and the strength of our brand is testament to their abilities.

Our events team continues to produce high quality events despite unique challenges. We provide expertise and experience to meet even the most demanding requirements of our clients. We’re known for our ability to act fast and for our ability to work around problems and deliver solutions for our clients. By combining the strengths of our editorial experience, our market knowledge, our technical expertise, our unrivalled networks and our reputable media platforms, we are in a position to deliver 360 ̊ solution to our clients. In terms of quality delivery, we benchmark against the best there is globally.

We have a dedicated creative unit and a team of specialised writers who focus exclusively on content production. Coupled with our marketing and communications services, we not only produce but help disseminate a message to a global audience across a wide variety of platforms, including but not limited to our own media platforms.